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Trang chủ: http://www.amsei-accessory.com/
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Thông tin cá nhân của hjt
Bio: Refuse box are an highly effective means of moving waste and construction material around a site by overhead crane. Commonly found on construction sites, manufacturing facilities and mine operations. Refuse box are frequently emptied into large receiving bins such as marrels or hooks
Product Name Refuse box
Material Mild steel , Stainless steel
Color According to requirement
Thickness of plates used Customized thickness of plates are available based on your requirements.
Other specifications 1). Customized RHS or PFC are used for top rails.
2). forklift pockets under floor.
3). Drain holes in the floor
4). Fully welded or Flat pack are both available.
5).Crane eyes on the top
Options 1.Prefabricated with top coat finished
2.Prefabricated and hot dipped galvanized
3.Flat packed with premier only
4.Crane Lift eyes on top
5.Fork slot
6.Extra strength under floor
7.Other requirements like thickness,different steel grade used
8. Logos
Painting double primer +double top coat
Primer : zinc-based epoxy (Grey)
Top coat : Urethane (Any color) Customized steel cabinet
Sex: Undisclosed