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  China Low Voltage Switchgear
Đăng bởi: fertilll - 5 giờ cách đây - Diễn đàn: Bang Hội - Không có trả lời

Product Description锛?/strong>
Working Conditions
Ambient temperature: -5~+40鈩?and the average temperature in 24h must below 35鈩?Humidity: 鈮?0% at the highest ambient temperature +40鈩? lower temperature with higher humidity, such as 鈮?0% at 20鈩? mild condensation occasionally happens for the variations of the temperature. Altitude: 鈮?000m (outdoor type) It is applicable in the place without violet vibration and impulsion and corrosive pollution.
Structure Features
The switchgear introduces the advanced technologies of ABB and improves it with our original technology to make it more in line with China鈥檚 national conditions. Cabinets adopt 25mm for the modulus of C sectional material and becomes each kind of frame structure and draw unit that needed by means of connection. MCC cabinet uses the high strength of flame retardant engineering plastics components to make its safety performance more reliable. At the same time, it is more suitable for the design requirement of mixing the PC cabinet and MCC cabinet by remolding the foreign function board with 200mm for the modulus. Withdrawable unit and the cabinet have reliable interlocking devices to prevent the switch to break with load when it is charged, so the safety of the cabinet improves. In addition, the cabinet adopts cold-rolled steel sheet after passivation for assembly and can also adopt aluminium zinc steel plate according to the different needs of users.
Cabinet Type
Power Receiving and Busbar Connecting Cabinet Use various domestic and foreign types of frame type circuit breaker, such as RMW1, CW1, NA1, DW45, CDW7, MT, E series etc. circuit breaker as the main switch to achieve the function of power receiving or busbar connecting.
Power Center Cabinet (PC)
Use various domestic and foreign types of frame type circuit breaker, such as DW45, NA1, CDW7MT, E series etc. circuit breaker to distribute power.
Motor Control Center (MCC)
MCC is assembled by various sizes of drawers and its main loop switch adopts molded case circuit breaker with high breaking capacity or load switch with rotating type fuse.
Reactive Power Compensation Cabinet
Drawer Type
The five dimensions all are 8E (200 mm) height, modular structure designed and installation height of effective components is 1800 mm, so its whole layout is more reasonable and more beautiful. 8E/4: 200 x 150 x 400 (Height 脳 Width 脳 Depth) height space parallel combines 4 drawer units 8E/2: 200 x 300 x 400 (Height 脳 Width 脳 Depth) height space parallel combines 2 drawer units 8E: 200 x 600 x 400 (Height 脳 Width 脳 Depth)height space assembles 1 drawer units 16E: 400 x 600 x 400 (Height 脳 Width 脳 Depth) height space assembles 1 drawer units 24E: 600 x 600 x 400 (Height 脳 Width 脳 Depth) in 24E (600 mm) height space assembles 1 drawer units The above five kinds of drawer units may be in one cabinet as a single assembly as well as a mixed assembly (see picture 1)China Low Voltage Switchgear

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  stainless Cable Ties manufacturers
Đăng bởi: fertilll - 5 giờ cách đây - Diễn đàn: Bang Hội - Không có trả lời

Founded in 2009, Zhejiang Jiuhong Electric Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the application of bundling technology and new product's research, development, design, manufacturing, sales and service.
Jiuhong has an efficient, united, creative and rigorous R&D team, taking the pursuit of a healthy and beautiful life as the orientation and technology as the means to develop safe, advanced and practical technology products.
Our products include all kinds of nylon cable ties, stainless steel cable ties, stainless steel strap, stainless steel strap buckles, cable tie tools, stainless steel clamps, wire clips, cable gland and so on.
Our products are widely used in electric products, shipbuilding, petrochemical industry, communication engineering, electric power, rail traffic, auto manufacturing, garden engineering and other fields.
Jiuhong has passed certificates of ISO9001, UL, CCS, and all our products have passed CE and RoHS certificate.
The company has advanced testing equipment such as tensile tester, high and low-temperature tester, water analyzer, spectrograph, hardness tester, etc., to provide powerful data for a comprehensive understanding of product performance, and provide a solid foundation of high-quality products for customers.
With excellent quality, good reputation and perfect after-sales service, jiuhong's products are exported to more than one hundred countries and regions, including the US, Australia, Russia, the UK, southeast Asia and the Middle East, being commended and trusted by customers.
There is a long way to go ahead of us. Jiuhong is full of ambition to untiringly pursue trailblazing and innovation, constantly creating and maintaining our strong vitality and competitive advantage and making Jiuhong a first-class enterprise. stainless Cable Ties manufacturers

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  Professional Dental Mobile Sideboard Cabinet
Đăng bởi: fertilll - 5 giờ cách đây - Diễn đàn: Bang Hội - Không có trả lời

Our History
In 2006, Wenjian Precision Metal Co., Ltd was established, and in 2011锛學enjian Medical device Co., Ltd was organized.
In 2012, Foshan Wenjian Medical Instrument锛孡td was founded, producing finished products for medical device as a self-produced and self-sale medical device company. After over ten years of development, we are now a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service.
Our Factory
We are located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, covering an area of more than 10000 square meter, with an annual output value of more than 100 million and 200 employees.
Our Product
Our main products are dental high-speed&low-speed handpiece,E-generator LED handpiece,3way syprings,micro motor,diamond burs, dental composite heater,sand-blasting gun and other dental accessories.
Product Application
Our products are mainly used in oral cavity beauty and repairing, dental implants, root canal therapy and tooth extraction.
Our Certificate
With the excellent design and the capability of quality control,we company has attained ISO13485 and CE certification, FDA certification and 176 national patents, including 22 invention patents, 60 utility model patents and 94 appearance patents.
Production Equipment
Now we have more than 100 sets of processing equipment, including precision machining center, computer corer, CNC milling machine, CNC lathe, automatic lathe, grinding machine, spark machine, wire cutting, drilling machine and so on, including 40 imported equipment such as LFV corer / Star corer / CINCOM corer.
Production Market
The products are sold to the United States, Japan, India, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, South Korea, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Italy and other countries, covering Asia, Europe, South Africa, South America and other regions, with an annual sales of more than 70 million
Our Service
The pursuit of customer satisfaction is our consistent goal.We have a team of professional and experienced engineers to provide customers with intimate service.Customized service is available.Professional Dental Mobile Sideboard Cabinet

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  China Hard-shell PET Trolley Luggage manufacturers
Đăng bởi: fertilll - 6 giờ cách đây - Diễn đàn: Bang Hội - Không có trả lời

Why We Choose PET Luggage?
1. Strong resistance to stress. We have done an interesting test: 2-ton cargo truck rolled over on the PET luggage, the luggage will not be damaged and still restitution. Compare with other materials on the market, PET material has greater resistance to stress, better recovery.
2. FDA certification of green materialsAfter a authoritative third-party SGS of rigorous testing, PET Material reached a the United States FDA's food-grade material standards, right the human body non-toxic harmless, so the this material can be called the real green environmental protection material.
3. PET luggage can pass all kinds of testing in 5鈩?environment
LiningTongueolyesterTrolley锛?/p>Aluminum tube
Wheels:360 degree Spinner wheelsLock:TSA
Remark锛歝ustom-made requirements are available
PET universal wheels travel suitcase
Blue shiny PET trolley suitcase set
20 PET universal wheels business suitcase
PET luggage with printing with pattern
PET universal wheels travel luggage
We have ISO quaity control, SGS certifications.
We can do REACH Standard products..
We have passed BSCI factory evaluation, Carrefour & Auchan factory audit.
Size Reference:
Quality control system.
We have strict quanlity control system, once order is confimed, we will start the follwing steps: including but not limited to: Incoming material inspection ---- On-line inspection ---Final inspection. Under strict inspections, our quality will be guaranteed!
Our Testing Equipments: Normally, before shipment, we will do following testings to ensure our luggage quality, including but not limited to: running machinery for testing wheels, handle machinery for testing handle quality, trolley machinery for testing trolley quality when pulled in and out, drop testing to examine the luggage body quality
We had the hornor to serve GABOL, MISAKO and MAKITO in Spain; Mid Ocean in Netherlands; PMS, WH SMITH and NICCE in UK; Pierre Cardin and Auchan in France; RUNSVEN in Sweden; Leran LLC in Russia; Liverpool in Mexico; American Tourister /RICARDO in USA; Vecchio in BRAZIL; LULU and MAX in Dubai; BENETTON in India, METRO and Carrefour in globe. China Yatch is making efforts to develop more and more new customers and new markets!
How To Customize Your LugaggeChina Hard-shell PET Trolley Luggage manufacturers

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  Plastic Buckets
Đăng bởi: fertilll - 7 giờ cách đây - Diễn đàn: Bang Hội - Không có trả lời

Place of Origin:Hebei Handan, China
Type:Storage Baskets
Size:Can be customized
Color:Multi Color
FunctionBig Grinaily Necessities
Packing:Carton Box
Products Description:
1.Hard texture, good cold resistance.
2.High chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance and organic flux, non-toxic and tasteless.
3.It has outstanding electrical properties and good radiation resistance, and has a higher heat-resistant temperature.
Characteristics of plastic baskets:
Economy: Recyclable;
Environmental protection: protect the ecological environment;
Hygiene: acid and alkali resistance, mildew proof, moisture proof and moth proof;
Safety: no spikes, no radiation, no toxicity, and tasteless;
Convenient: No need to repair, easy to carry.Plastic Buckets

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  Coin Operated Coffee Vending Machine discount
Đăng bởi: fertilll - 7 giờ cách đây - Diễn đàn: Bang Hội - Không có trả lời

Represent the most efficiently productive force and the model of Light Industry in China, it is Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Relying on their own diligence, people here, like the tide of Qiantang River, bravely make the tide of the times, push it like an efficient machine in operation, carry on the past and open up the future and continue its glory.
HANGZHOU JOEGOO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a venture dedicated to the design, manufacture, sale and service of vending machines, coffee machines, etc. Joegoo has built a strong team of dedicated and talented people in management, research & development, quality control, sales and service. To become the No.1 vending equipment and overall solution provider is the aim of Joegoo.
Joegoo concentrates on supplying vending machines for commercial use, coffee vending machines for office use. With over 13 years of experience and great effort, we sell our vending machnes all over the world. Our main markets are South America, Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, Mid East and Africa. You can also fifind vending machines in many public places in China, such as the branch of Bank of China in Hangzhou.
In order to better meet the world's demand for products made in China, and at the same time greatly save customers' time to find factories and communication energy. Joegoo focus on integrating the supply chain resources and the information advantages of the Yangtze River Delta region to help customers from all over the world to purchase easily.
Our Purpose
Communicate attentively, service professionally,
Let old customers buy with efficiency,
Let new customers buy without confuse.
Make Chinese products easier to go to all over the world.Coin Operated Coffee Vending Machine discount

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  n95 semi automatic face mask machine factory
Đăng bởi: fertilll - 7 giờ cách đây - Diễn đàn: Bang Hội - Không có trả lời

Our History
Jiangsu Hengmanhui Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a daughter company of the YANGLI GROUP. We provides mask making machines, high stand mask raw materials and various types of masks.
Yangli Group was founded in 1966 and is included in the beautiful Chinese historical and cultural city of Yangzhou. Yangli covers a area of 1670 acres, has more than 5,000 employees, registered capital of 150 million US dollars, and total assets of 2.8 billion. Yangli is currently one of the domestic large-scale, complete categories, comprehensive strength of high-end metal forming equipment manufacturing enterprises. Yangli has a wide range of products for automobiles, household appliances, Aviation, shipping, new energy, hardware, electronics, electrical and other production areas, and exported to overseas. Now Yangli is committed to the development of mask machine.
Our Factory
Jiangsu Hengmanhui Technology Development Co., Ltd. factory is located in Yangzhou industrial concentration zone. Yangli Group has three manufacturing bases: Yangli Industrial Park, Yangli Technology Park and Yangli Industrial Park. It has jurisdiction over Yangli Machine Tools, Yangli Heavy Machinery, Yangli Precision Machinery, Yangli Five major production divisions of CNC and Yangli Hydraulics; owns 600,000 square meters of modern standard factory buildings and various types of high-precision cutting equipment, with an annual production capacity of 30,000 sets of complete machines, and a complete set of mid-to-high-end metal sheet processing solutions Provide capabilities.
Our Product
N95 Fully/half Automatic Face M邪sk Machine
3 Ply Full/half Automatic Face M邪sk Machine
Meltblown Non-Woven Fabric
Product Application
The mask comes from our mask machines, which are simply divided into flat masks and three-dimensional masks from the appearance. Flat masks are mostly used in the medical industry, and three-dimensional masks are mostly used for daily protection.
Our Certificate
Yangli Group meets the highest quality requirements guidelines and our strict quality control system. We had many certificates: such as ISO锛汣E锛汿op 100 China machinery-industry-company certificate; CQC certificate; China well-known brand certificate. Here are the two certificates for our mask making machine.
Our Service
1.Pre-sale-product advantage
Product feature introduction: The advantages of the product compared with other products in terms of function, design, performance and appearance.
2.On sale-quality advantage
Mask making machine quality introduction: machine must be guaranteed to be authentic licensed, and the quality of the item must meet the requirements of relevant standards.
3.After-sales-maintenance advantage
Machine warranty introduction: While guaranteeing the quality of the machine, if it is unintentionally damaged or damaged for other reasons after use, please contact the dealer for warranty during the warranty period.n95 semi automatic face mask machine factory

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  Non Woven Disposable Mask manufacturers
Đăng bởi: fertilll - 7 giờ cách đây - Diễn đàn: Bang Hội - Không có trả lời

With over 10 years of experience in manufacturing medical instruments, we believe we shall always try our best to meet our clients' needs, and offer more value in order to grow up with our clients. With that believe, we have earned great reputation from our clients and partners around the world. Today, integrated with our strong R&D, advanced automatic production line and marketing service.
We are looking forward to partner with you to provide cost savings, support and a partnership that will assist both our organizations to excel in our business objectives and together with you as leaders in the medical industry.
Non Woven Disposable Mask manufacturers

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  Laundry Hamper
Đăng bởi: fertilll - 7 giờ cách đây - Diễn đàn: Bang Hội - Không có trả lời

1) Fabric: 100% polyester with waterproof PE lamination
2) Size: 35*40*52cm / Customized
3) Printing: Screen printing / Customized
4) Packing: Plastic (OPP/PE) bag for each
5) MOQ: 200pcs
6) Lead time for sample: 3-5days
7) Delivery time: 15-30days depend on order quantity
8) Application: Home organizer for toys, clothes, blankets, books and other stuff
Garden organizer for tools, plant, pet and other stuff
1.Rich experience on different market and can meet special requirements.
We could offer different discount according to your order quantity.
2. Have our own factory located in Qingdao, Shandong, China.
3. We can suggest the most suitable product to you, or we provide you our e-catalogue for your reference, you choose the suitable style, you only need to tell us the model number.
4. Special cost control system to ensure the best price based on high quality.
5. Our products are widely used into Household Organizer Field, including: storage basket, laundry hamper, wall storage bag, diaper caddy organizer, woven rope planter, and so on.
6. We can print your company LOGO on the nameplate and package
Q: What is your MOQ? Can I mix different styles to a start order?
A: Please tell us what products you need first. Usually, the MOQ is 200pcs. Based on different product, it will be different.
Q: Can you give me a discount?
A: Discount is available,but we have to see the real quantity, we have different price based on different quantity, how much discounts is determined by the quantity, moreover, our price is very competitive in the field.
Q: If l have a product wants to be made in other special material, can you do it?
A: Of course, you just need to provide us designed drawings or sample. Our R&D department will estimate that whether we can do or not, we will give you the most satisfactory reply.
Q: Can l visit your factory?
A: By all means, we warmly welcome your arrival, Before you take off from your country, please let us know. We will show you the way and arrange time to pick you up if possible.Laundry Hamper

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  woodland safety shoes
Đăng bởi: fertilll - 7 giờ cách đây - Diễn đàn: Bang Hội - Không có trả lời

Dear Partners!
With more than 15 years of experience in the field of Safety Shoes,Honda safety has become a reliable supplier whose products are exported in more than 58 countries in the world.
The products are being manufactured under strict quality control in home -based facilities .In order to fulfil different market demands designing new products has become an important part of the business strategy .The goal is to offer a suitable solution for every need and requirement .This all is supported by a dedicated team of professionals.
High service level,flexibility ,technical skills are implemented throughout the entire of the company.
We position ourselves as a Safety shoes supplier providing  protection for workers to return home safe to their families.We believe in safety,family and the generations building our future.
Our Mission:Your protection .We proudly offer you Safety Shoes!woodland safety shoes

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