Or Bandos armour if you are a really wealthy player

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Or Bandos armour if you are a really wealthy player
However, if u cant manage string bod, or plate bod, which price 4.5M-5.5M, and 9m-10m respectivly, u can use rune body, together with OSRS gold drag legs and moderate helm. Don't use granite body + dragon legs, thats what robots wear lol. I use Zammy platebody + Dragon Platelegs. . Looks awsome lol. The majority of the higher gear are deg, but barrows gear lasts like 10+ hrs of combat, before fixes. Hope this helped.

I've come to you, Sal's, for information on Dungeoneering. Yes, it is me that needs the help this time. I've always wondered what is the threshold for praying on monsters. Meaning, at what level for every kind of monster should I use a defense prayer and offensive prayer?

I mean if any monster is like level 2 you don't pray for it, and for many rangers wearing above tier 7 you should pray, mages yeah likely, melee warriors hit obscenely after they get katagon so yes, pickaxes hit like hell so yes, brutes... meh.

This isn't directly related to Dungeoneering, but it pertains to it marginally. Is 1.2M $ to go from 52 RC to 70 RC, or do I want more $? Making character runes is a gain (iirc), so yes that's enough. When using an SSH, do I take off hood every time I enter a hood-dangerous area? Whatever you do not take it off since it still protects you from Buy RuneScape gold the hood protected monsters, constantly pile the mage. What are creature's flaws in dungeoneering? Please be as comprehensive as possible. Skeletons - beat, zombies - slash, melee warriors wearing a plate - crush, melee warriors wearing a series - stab, rangers/magers - slash.
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